Recent comments about proposed academic policies

Tiffany Scott

Submitted on 2014/09/15 at 7:45 pm

Upon evaluating the list of proposed policies, here are my humble opinions on most:

+Attendance policy – very good idea, should have been implemented a long time ago. It may be a little harsh. More commonly, with each additional absence (after 2-4) a student may drop half a letter grade, not completely fail. A good idea, but reconsider consequence.

-Student dress code – should be removed. Is highly discouraging for new students. As an alumni, I would have honestly reconsidered applying if this was in force before I came.

++Grad school policy – good idea, there shouldn’t be C’s in grad school…

—Community service policy – should be optional (not a requirement). Please remember that you WANT students to attend your school, as opposed to the many other options…

-Cayman history – should be optional. A high school diploma is required for admittance to college and in high school you are required to take history…

English/Math competency test – GOOD IDEA

—-Homework – Should be evaluated further. Seems like way too much homework.

Good luck and please continue to keep in mind the future of ICCI and the impact of these policies on potential new students and current ones as well.


Marghanita – 33 minutes ago

Really, uniform?! am I correctly interpreting this email? Are we in high school?! We are working class individuals who sometimes can’t even make it to class exactly 5:30; Doc. Marshall are you suggesting we change our attire to your suggested Khaki dress code for class? Really?

20 hours of community service? I agree with community service; but please tell us how we”ll accomplish 20 hours with a full-time job and a family. Some of us work 6-7 day a week.

Caymanian history – no problem but we need a what to graduate?! It this immigration?! This should be an extra curricular activity for those who need it for stastus purposes; it should not be apart of graduation.

We are trying to move forward not backward, life is already hard as it is, why are you making it harder.

Mellisa – 3 hours ago

missed absences* sorry

Mellisa – 3 hours ago

I understand the need of trying to surpass all academic expectations for the college as well as trying to build its stance in the community as well respected institution. However, I assumed whilst registering for the college that one of its goals were to accommodate students that are from the working class, hence the night classes. Some of the new proposed policies are more hindering to my education than it is assisting it. I can only speak for myself as I work six days per week and my shifts are not consistent times. A policy allowing me to only have three absences or risk a failure is, I believe, very inconsiderate as there are students who attend school, are parents, and possess a full time job. If this policy is put in place I think there should be some options given so that the students can compensate for their missed presences such as online classes or as Mr. Craig Walker suggested, excused absences.

Craig Walker – 10 hours ago

The homework policy is required by the accrediting body, therefore is a must. The only problem is the verification. The academic standing, graduation, seminar, community service and English and Math competency are all fine.

The student dress code appears draconian in that college is a relaxed learning environment. I would prefer students learn as opposed to being dressed all day and evening. As long as they don’t come to school in pajamas and pink fuzzy slippers, I am okay with whatever they wear.

The workshop idea is an excellent one, but I would relax the standard of 90%. For those seeking permanent residence, it is a real benefit.

The graduate school issue of having 2 C’s and out is difficult as both a student and instructor. As an instructor, I would feel remiss in not placing the grade acquired by the student, but worry about the student’s academic career. This could lead to grade inflation by instructors, real or perceived. It does motivate the student to achieve a higher standard by placing minimum standards.

The biggest concern I have is the attendance policy. In school, I had instructors who required attendance (including one who allowed 1 absence and then removed 2 letter grades per class missed) and those who did not require attendance. My wife and I talked about this last night and she said mandatory attendance is part of ACICS. She was responsible for calling students missing class. Her schools relied on student aid money to make money. In the end, I believe attendance does further understanding, but worry about the standard at 85%. Many students have commitments to work that require them to miss. I would prefer a policy of 85% attendance with any additional misses needing an excused absence. Those can be determined by an attendance person. Excused absences can start as early as the first miss.