Recent comments about proposed academic policies

Tiffany Scott

Submitted on 2014/09/15 at 7:45 pm

Upon evaluating the list of proposed policies, here are my humble opinions on most:

+Attendance policy – very good idea, should have been implemented a long time ago. It may be a little harsh. More commonly, with each additional absence (after 2-4) a student may drop half a letter grade, not completely fail. A good idea, but reconsider consequence.

-Student dress code – should be removed. Is highly discouraging for new students. As an alumni, I would have honestly reconsidered applying if this was in force before I came.

++Grad school policy – good idea, there shouldn’t be C’s in grad school…

—Community service policy – should be optional (not a requirement). Please remember that you WANT students to attend your school, as opposed to the many other options…

-Cayman history – should be optional. A high school diploma is required for admittance to college and in high school you are required to take history…

English/Math competency test – GOOD IDEA

—-Homework – Should be evaluated further. Seems like way too much homework.

Good luck and please continue to keep in mind the future of ICCI and the impact of these policies on potential new students and current ones as well.


Marghanita – 33 minutes ago

Really, uniform?! am I correctly interpreting this email? Are we in high school?! We are working class individuals who sometimes can’t even make it to class exactly 5:30; Doc. Marshall are you suggesting we change our attire to your suggested Khaki dress code for class? Really?

20 hours of community service? I agree with community service; but please tell us how we”ll accomplish 20 hours with a full-time job and a family. Some of us work 6-7 day a week.

Caymanian history – no problem but we need a what to graduate?! It this immigration?! This should be an extra curricular activity for those who need it for stastus purposes; it should not be apart of graduation.

We are trying to move forward not backward, life is already hard as it is, why are you making it harder.

Mellisa – 3 hours ago

missed absences* sorry

Mellisa – 3 hours ago

I understand the need of trying to surpass all academic expectations for the college as well as trying to build its stance in the community as well respected institution. However, I assumed whilst registering for the college that one of its goals were to accommodate students that are from the working class, hence the night classes. Some of the new proposed policies are more hindering to my education than it is assisting it. I can only speak for myself as I work six days per week and my shifts are not consistent times. A policy allowing me to only have three absences or risk a failure is, I believe, very inconsiderate as there are students who attend school, are parents, and possess a full time job. If this policy is put in place I think there should be some options given so that the students can compensate for their missed presences such as online classes or as Mr. Craig Walker suggested, excused absences.

Craig Walker – 10 hours ago

The homework policy is required by the accrediting body, therefore is a must. The only problem is the verification. The academic standing, graduation, seminar, community service and English and Math competency are all fine.

The student dress code appears draconian in that college is a relaxed learning environment. I would prefer students learn as opposed to being dressed all day and evening. As long as they don’t come to school in pajamas and pink fuzzy slippers, I am okay with whatever they wear.

The workshop idea is an excellent one, but I would relax the standard of 90%. For those seeking permanent residence, it is a real benefit.

The graduate school issue of having 2 C’s and out is difficult as both a student and instructor. As an instructor, I would feel remiss in not placing the grade acquired by the student, but worry about the student’s academic career. This could lead to grade inflation by instructors, real or perceived. It does motivate the student to achieve a higher standard by placing minimum standards.

The biggest concern I have is the attendance policy. In school, I had instructors who required attendance (including one who allowed 1 absence and then removed 2 letter grades per class missed) and those who did not require attendance. My wife and I talked about this last night and she said mandatory attendance is part of ACICS. She was responsible for calling students missing class. Her schools relied on student aid money to make money. In the end, I believe attendance does further understanding, but worry about the standard at 85%. Many students have commitments to work that require them to miss. I would prefer a policy of 85% attendance with any additional misses needing an excused absence. Those can be determined by an attendance person. Excused absences can start as early as the first miss.

International College of the Cayman Islands proposed academic policies

Dear International College of the Cayman Islands Community:

In an effort to increase academic and career readiness of our students, the following proposals are being offered for review and comment before heading to the ICCI Board of Trustees meeting for consideration on September 27, 2014.

The staff reviewed this first round September 13, 2014 Click here to see the staff who participated in the review.

Most of the new policies will only apply to new students starting classes September 29, 2014 and readmitted students.

All students regardless of catalogue year will be subject to the attendance policy, the homework policy, and the dress code policy.

You may provide feedback on these policies by using the poll below or by clicking the “leave a comment” link at the end of this blog posting.

Policies for Review:

Homework Policy

Academic Standing Policy

Graduation Policy

Attendance Policy

Seminar Policy

Student Dress Code

Community Service Policy

Workshop on Caymanian History and Culture

Graduate School GPA Policy

English and Math Competency

Next week the staff will discuss the following policies for publication and review. These will appear here in the blog:

1. Graduate School Admissions

2. Undergraduate Admissions

3. Senior Workplace Readiness Requirements

4. Accounting and Broadcasting as Signature Programs

5. External Validation Policy

6. Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

New Appointments for ICCI

Hello all:

I am very pleased to announce the following appointments to the ICCI staff:

Meisha Chatrie
Meisha Chatrie

1. Meisha Chatrie – Director of Student Support Services
Meisha comes to us most recently from the Lighthouse School as a special education teacher. She also serves as
​​ ​a ​​faculty member teaching social problems. Meisha earned a M.A. in Special Education and a B.S. in Psychology, both from Delaware State University, USA. Meisha will be the College’s chief retention officer and academic coach working to ensure student success from orientation through graduation.


2. Simone Clifford-Ebanks – ICCI Career Coach
Simone has moved from her position as Admissions Representative to ICCI Career Coach. To date there have been four workshops sponsored out of her office. Also, two ICCI students have landed jobs with her assistance. Simone will be working with students on resume building, interview skills, and job search strategies. Her goal is to ensure that each ICCI graduate has a job, gets a raise, or
​lands ​a promotion as the result of his/her ICCI education. She will also be working with unemployed ICCI graduates in their job searches.

Autry Foster
Autry Foster

3. Autry Foster- Interim Treasurer
Autry has been the long time accountant at ICCI, but will be stepping in as the Interim Treasurer of the College. Autry has been instrumental in helping the College sure-up financial practices and guiding long-term financial planning.

Robert Lynch
Robert Lynch

4. Robert Lynch- Manager ICCI FM/Media Manager
Robert is a radio and TV p roducer with over 12 years experience in the media industry. He has worked with Television Jamaica, NCU FM, The Jamaica Information Service, Love Television, and New Birth Productions. He has played a key role in the development of Praise 87.9FM and (CATV) for the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He earned a BA in Mass Communication from Northern Caribbean University – Jamaica. He starts officially August 1.

Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith

5. Melissa Smith- Director of Admissions
Melissa comes to ICCI from the Seventh-day Adventist Conference. She is an alumna of the College and is currently enrolled in the graduate program. Melissa has been actively involved in recruiting new students to ICCI since starting. Thanks to her work to date, the College’s fall numbers look promising.

Lisa Wood
Lisa Wood

6. Lisa Wood – Business Manager
Lisa Wood has been promoted from Assistant Business Manager to Business Manager. Her focus will be on managing student accounts and efficiency of College operations. Lisa has been with ICCI for three years working in multiple capacities.

 Dr. S’rah Yisrael
Dr. S’rah Yisrael

7. Dr. S’rah Yisrael – ​International ​President of the ICCI ​ Alumni Association
Dr. Yisrael is joining the College in a voluntary capacity to serve a​s the International President of the ICCI Alumni Association. She will work with alumni over the course of the next year with the ultimate goal of hosting an election where alumni ​will vote-in their own slate​ ​ ​of ​officers starting 2015-2016. In the interim, she will be soliciting support for student scholarships and managing the social media presence of the alumni association. Dr. Yisrael is organizing an alumni event for Sunday August 17, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. and for Founders’ Days Weekend September 26, 27, 28, 2014 (save the dates)​.

Dr. Yisrael holds a MS in Management from ICCI. She earned an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership: Higher Education from ​ Argosy University​.​, USA

​There are ​two additional positions which will be announced pending final approvals.

Welcome to all!



Three Weeks to Go!

The Last Day of Class
The Last Day of Class

Can you believe that it is Week 8 with only three weeks left to the end of the Spring Quarter?

By this time you should be preparing for your exams and final projects. Please remember to access all available resources including working with your classmates to help get you through the final push.

In many classes your major weights in grades happen in these last three weeks, so please be sure to stay in good contact with your instructors.

Open Weekends

The College is now open Saturday and Sundays from Noon-6 for students to work on projects and or to use the library to help get you through these final weeks.

Maybe you need a place for group meetings or just a quiet place to work?

Students Racine Patterson and Arsenith Sintos are your weekend facilitators and are here to help. Security is here on weekends too!

Midterm Progress Report

How did you do?
How did you do?

By this time all students should have a written copy of a midterm progress report hand delivered by your instructor or emailed to you.

This report should tell you briefly how you are doing in the class, what improvements you need to make ( if any) between now and the end of the quarter and the number of days you were absent.

If you do not have your report in hand please contact your instructor right away so that you can be on target for the best possible grade by the end of the quarter.

Spring Quarter Tuition

Quarter Tuition Bills Due
Quarter Tuition Bills Due

Please remember to go see Lisa in the Business Office. Your Spring Quarter tuition bills are now due.

All students are required to pay their outstanding balances on or before Week 10 of the Quarter.

Remember, paying your tuition in-full and on-time helps the College provide you with the resources you need to be successful.

Board of Trustees Update

Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees

The College’s Board of Trustees met for its quarterly meeting Saturday, May 24. To see photos from Saturday’s meeting, please click this link.

Among the Action Items:

– The Board approved members of the Student Council to attend the Board meeting to provide a report about student concerns and to ask the Board questions about the College’s operations.

Melissa Smith Admissions Director
Melissa Smith
Admissions Director

-Melissa Smith has been approved as the College’s new Director of Admissions. Melissa is an alumna of ICCI earning both an associate’s and Bachelor of Science. She is pursing a master’s degree. She currently works as an account administrator for the Seventh day Adventist Conference in Cayman.

Expect to see her full-time here in three weeks.

-Two other appointments were approved by the Board for Director of Student Services and Academic Dean. Those will be announced after the candidates have completed final processing.

The Members of the Board of Trustees are:

April Cummings, Chair
Andy Adapa
Heather D. Bodden
Dan Charleston
Dr. Elsa M. Cummings
Woodward DaCosta
Cathy Frazier
Amy Gage
Michael Mannisto
Wayne McManus
Dorothy Scott
Rebecca Smith
Lucille Seymour
Lonnie Tibbetts
Brian Williams
Ormond Williams

Trustees Emeriti
George McCarthy
Carlyle McLaughlin
Audrey Ebanks

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Spring Quarter 2014 Updates

Midterm Check-In

Midterms are here!
Midterms are here!

This week marks the midterm period of the Spring 2014 Quarter.

This quarter faculty members are being asked to provide students with a written update delivered to you this week.

This update should include what your grade is to date, how that grade was calculated per the syllabus, your attendance to date, and any suggestions on how to improve performance between now and the end of the quarter.

The midterm check-in is part of the College’s retention and student support services process, designed to boost course success by the end of the term.

Be sure to ask your instructor this week about your written midterm grade report!

Weekend Library and Lab Hours

Come study on Saturdays and Sundays
Come study on Saturdays and Sundays

In an effort to provide you with more academic support, starting this Saturday and Sunday and every weekend in the Spring Quarter, the College will be open from Noon-6.

It is hoped that these additional hours will serve as a tool to boost your course success by having a quiet place to work and having access to College resources in order to strengthen your studies. Perhaps you can meet with your classmates to plan group assignments?

We are hoping as it gets closer to the final exam period that we will have faculty and tutors join us on those days as well.

If you are a student in good standing and are interested in a work study position that would help us staff these weekend hours, please bring your resume to Ms. Lisa.

Every hour that a work study student works, will be applied to reducing their tuition bill.

We will need applications by Wednesday 5/14.

By the way, the College is open on Fridays from 9-3. You are always welcomed to come in you need us for anything.

Attendance Update

This semester we have asked faculty to put in syllabus statements requiring students to attend at least 85% of their classes to earn a grade. The policy statement is going before the Board of Trustees for discussion to adoption institutionally.

Exceeding Semester Attendance Target!
Exceeding Semester Attendance Target!

This week the College is exceeding the semester attendance target. Please keep up the great work.

ACICS Update

Our Accrediting Body
Our Accrediting Body

As you know, in February 2014 an evaluation team from ACICS visited the campus for two days to determine the extent to which the College was in compliance with accreditation criteria during the past two-year evaluation cycle from May 2012 – February 2014.

ACICS determined that there are a number of areas in which the College needs to demonstrate stronger evidence of compliance.

The College has until June 15 to satisfy these requests. There are copies of the report in the library for your review.

The Student Council and the faculty have already been briefed on the report.

In the coming days, you will notice some activities to better position the College to demonstrate compliance:

– Some faculty may be reassigned to provide a better match between what they are teaching and the academic degrees that they have earned.

– The College will be putting a lot more emphasis on career planning and placement. There will be a number of resume workshops and interviewing skills coming up.

ACICS says that its member institutions have an obligation not only to provide academic training for degrees, but also to help students find jobs in their area of study.

Our thanks to Simone Clifford Ebanks who is coordinating this effort. She will be moving into the role of Career Coach in the coming weeks.

Come catch these exciting workshops!
Come catch these exciting workshops!

– You will also notice the Job Board that was put up over the weekend near the Dr. Hugh Cummings Classroom.

Be on the look-out for jobs and internships specific to your major. Our thanks to Lisa Wood who is coordinating this project.

New Job Board
New Job Board

– Additionally, the College is now contracted with the Focus 2 Career Exploration system.

The Career Planning Tool
The Career Planning Tool

This instrument will allow you to conduct career assessment online. This free Focus 2 service should be up and running in a week for ICCI students and alums.

ICCI Gives Back

Savannah Primary Check Presentation
Savannah Primary Check Presentation

Students are doing their part to help children develop a love for reading. This academic quarter students collected $600.00 as part of a service project designed to give back to the Cayman community.

The contributions are directly benefiting three schools: Savannah Primary, George Town Primary, and Bodden Town Primary based on a student vote.

Each school will receive a check for $200.00 to assist their respective library buy new books.

To see photos from the Savannah Primary visit click this link.

The visit to Bodden Town Primary is scheduled for this week.

The President Emerita

President Emerita Dr. Elsa Cummings
President Emerita Dr. Elsa Cummings

President Emerita Dr. Elsa Cummings is doing her part to promote the community service tradition of ICCI.

Click this link to see The President Emerita in a mentoring sessions with young girls at George Town Primary.

The National Gallery Trip

ICCI students at the National Gallery
ICCI students at the National Gallery

Friday, Hylton Grace took his Humanities class to the National Gallery as part of an out-of-the classroom learning assignment.

Students got to see the new Jamaican exhibit as well as the National Collection of Caymanian Art.

To see photos from the class visit to the National Gallery, click here!

Student News

Congratulations to ICCI graduate Tiasha Williams has who passed the final part of the CPA exam. So now it’s Tiasha Williams, CPA!

Have a great week!



Welcome Week! Spring Quarter 2014

Dear Students:

Now that our official rosters are set, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to Spring Quarter 2014!

I am hoping that this will be a time filled with challenging classes, thought provoking discussions, and a period of measurable growth as you march even closer to graduation and “enhancing” your careers.

We also salute our exceptional faculty who will be your partners in success!

I trust that you will dedicate yourself to do your very best and come to the end of the quarter knowing that you have really grown in your area of study.

We are here to support your academic journey and to provide you with the highest level of excellence in teaching and learning.

To celebrate the start of the quarter, we are launching Welcome Week!

Each day there will be a different activity
to wish you well:

Monday 4/14 “It’s in the Bag”

It's in the bag!
It’s in the bag!

Join us for some chips and drinks in the Canteen.

While there, pick up a flyer on some study skills that actually work!

Tuesday 4/15 “Slice Day”

Slice Day!
Slice Day!

Stop by for Pizza! While there, do you know the top three websites that can help you with APA Writing Style?

We will tell you!

Wednesday 4/16 “Give Back Wednesday”

Support Bodden Town Kids!
Support Bodden Town Kids!
Support Savannah Kids!
Support Savannah Kids!

Your turn!

An ICCI education always involves service and giving back to the community.

Please bring a dollar so that we can donate books to support literacy at Bodden Town Primary School and Savannah Primary School.

The College will match the student contributions.

Thursday 4/17 “The Easter Egg Hunt”

What's in your egg?
What’s in your egg?

The lawn between Friends Hall and McLaughlin Hall will be dotted with colorful eggs.

In some of the eggs there will be: a dollar or two?, an ICCI dollar (good for drinks), a coupon for free books for the quarter, payment for one class, payment for two classes or no prize at all. 😦

Each student will be allowed on the lawn from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. to pick an egg. Only one pick per student.

This event is open to currently enrolled and cleared students only.

Good luck!

Also during Welcome Week, take the poll below. Check the results during the week.

Please accept my best wishes for a great quarter.

I wish you every success in your studies.

If there is anything that we can do to help along the way, please let us know!

Best to all,