International College of the Cayman Islands proposed academic policies

Dear International College of the Cayman Islands Community:

In an effort to increase academic and career readiness of our students, the following proposals are being offered for review and comment before heading to the ICCI Board of Trustees meeting for consideration on September 27, 2014.

The staff reviewed this first round September 13, 2014 Click here to see the staff who participated in the review.

Most of the new policies will only apply to new students starting classes September 29, 2014 and readmitted students.

All students regardless of catalogue year will be subject to the attendance policy, the homework policy, and the dress code policy.

You may provide feedback on these policies by using the poll below or by clicking the “leave a comment” link at the end of this blog posting.

Policies for Review:

Homework Policy

Academic Standing Policy

Graduation Policy

Attendance Policy

Seminar Policy

Student Dress Code

Community Service Policy

Workshop on Caymanian History and Culture

Graduate School GPA Policy

English and Math Competency

Next week the staff will discuss the following policies for publication and review. These will appear here in the blog:

1. Graduate School Admissions

2. Undergraduate Admissions

3. Senior Workplace Readiness Requirements

4. Accounting and Broadcasting as Signature Programs

5. External Validation Policy

6. Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

One thought on “International College of the Cayman Islands proposed academic policies

  1. Upon evaluating the list of proposed policies, here are my humble opinions on most:

    +Attendance policy – very good idea, should have been implemented a long time ago. It may be a little harsh. More commonly, with each additional absence (after 2-4) a student may drop half a letter grade, not completely fail. A good idea, but reconsider consequence.

    -Student dress code – should be removed. Is highly discouraging for new students. As an alumni, I would have honestly reconsidered applying if this was in force before I came.

    ++Grad school policy – good idea, there shouldn’t be C’s in grad school…

    —Community service policy – should be optional (not a requirement). Please remember that you WANT students to attend your school, as opposed to the many other options…

    -Cayman history – should be optional. A high school diploma is required for admittance to college and in high school you are required to take history…

    English/Math competency test – GOOD IDEA

    —-Homework – Should be evaluated further. Seems like way too much homework.

    Good luck and please continue to keep in mind the future of ICCI and the impact of these policies on potential new students and current ones as well.


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